Jayne, owner, at 2019 Alzheimer’s Advocacy Day in Madison

Jayne, owner, at 2019 Alzheimer’s Advocacy Day in Madison

About Us

Proud to be a local, independently owned, female led business that cares.

Our mission

Vesta Memory Care will be a premier provider of residential memory care services in the metropolitan Milwaukee area.  We aim to enhance the quality of life for persons with dementia, as well as their loved ones, who have been taken along on the journey. 


It’s an honor and privilege to support those affected by dementia through their own personal journeys.

The care someone receives is only as good as the culture that is supported.

Persons with dementia are unique individuals who deserve the opportunity to experience love, joy, and success.

When it comes to memory care...BIGGER is NOT BETTER!

Someone with dementia can best "shine" if they are in the right setting with the right care.

Specialty care requires specialty skills.

About our Founder

Jayne Ziehm is a physical therapist and clinician who has dedicated her many years of service to improving the quality of life for older adults. She’s originally from “up north” but migrated to the metro Milwaukee area for her college and graduate studies and has long considered this to be her home. Throughout her years of working with people with dementia in a variety of settings, the idea of a specialized, small, therapeutic home living environment was born. She’s a Positive Approach®to Care Certified Independent Trainer, helping to teach others practical skills to improve care for persons living with dementia.  Jayne is proud to be an Alzheimer’s State Champion with the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement, advocating for increased investment in research, enhanced care and improved support for persons with Alzheimer’s. She’s also part of the coalition to help create a Dementia Friendly Elmbrook. As a lifelong learner, she’s constantly reading and learning about “what’s new” that can help others and loves sharing what she learns.