Specialty Trained TEAM

specialized training and education

We carefully select our staff and then invest in them so we’re sure they have the skills and tools needed to be successful at supporting each and every resident.

Each member of our care team undergoes intensive, specialized, interactive, hands-on training that focuses not on caregiving, but rather on being a care partner and supporter to those with dementia.  Our training and education focuses on recognizing each resident for the unique PERSON they are and appreciating their retained skills and abilities.  We learn everything we can about WHO our residents are, including their life experiences and personal likes and dislikes. Our care team members learn about the changes in the brain and how the residents experience their world.  Through hands on training, they learn the crucial skills of how to understand and communicate with residents to best support their changing needs.  Comprehensive training using the Positive Approach®to Care philosophy is used to teach how to problem solve as a team to best respond and interpret a person with dementia's behavioral expressions (agitation or anxiety, confusion, resistance to cares, sundowning).  

Our nurse specializes in dementia care and is available 24/7 as any needs arise.   

We’re happy to be part of Wisconsin’s State Dementia Plan.

Person centered care

Specialty care requires specialty skills. Don’t settle for a "one size fits all" approach.  We at Vesta Memory Care understand the importance of recognizing your loved one as a PERSON with dementia, having their own unique strengths, preferences, and needs.  As these change, WE are the the ones who will continue to adapt to THEM.  We view our role in "caring" as being supporters and relationship builders.  

Positive Approach®to Care Philosophy

Vesta Memory Care is proud to implement Positive Approach®to Care, the philosophy and techniques created by Teepa Snow, a visionary leader in dementia care.  In fact, our owner/administrator, Jayne Ziehm, is a Positive Approach®to Care Certified Independent Trainer.