Instead of focusing on what is lost in someone with dementia, we instead focus on the positive…the abilities and the unique strengths and skills your loved one has retained. 

Self care

Residents are active in their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)or self cares with whatever level of support they need. This might be reminding them to change their clothes each day or physically assisting them to put on and take off their clothing.

ADLs include mobility, bathing, dressing, physical activity, and brain stimulating and problem solving activities.  We incorporate the Love to Move exercise program, walking programs and assisted individual exercise program and a specialty fall prevention program designed by physical and occupational therapists. 

Productive activity

Residents are encouraged to participate in stimulating activities. General activities are available to explore.  Each resident has personalized activities to engage in that we develop based on personal preferences and their life history.  For example, a former teacher may have a basket of papers to grade.  Someone who was a homemaker may fold laundry or sort silverware.   A gentleman who is handy might have some items to tinker with.  


We offer both active and passive leisure activities…and encourage and support participation.  This may range from dancing or painting to listening to a story. Music and art can allow someone to engage and express themselves as the condition progresses. This is why we incorporate Memories in the Making, Music and Memory, as well as TimeSlips storytelling and programming.  Family members, friends, and community members are invited to be a part of these programs.